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Stock transfer from Storage location to In transit

Jul 17, 2017 at 06:43 AM


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we have a scenario of posting Project stock to In transit SL and from in transit to receiving is our scenario

1) we are using 411Q to get quantity moved from project stock to Storage location(ex: PS01)

2) We are using 311 movement type to get quantity transferred to Intransit SL(EX: PS01 to INTR)

3) now the requirement is if customer wanted to Move stock using 311 movement from INTR to another SL(ex: INTR to PS02) he needs to have a reference with (PS01 to INTR)

how can we achieve this

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1 Answer

Jürgen L Jul 17, 2017 at 07:46 AM

311 movements have no reference to anything. If you want references then plan your work, which means to use purchase orders (stock transport purchase order UB) and deliveries

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Thanks for the answer...I have a question when entering 411 Q, usermanually enters WBS element and user done(PS01to INTR) stock transfer and then moved (INTR to PS02) receiving storage location...

my question is user is using 415 Q to move quantity from receiving SL(PS02) to Project stock( system asks WBS element user enters it manually, here we need to restrict in 415Q WBS element that has entered in 411Q must be same in 415Q...if user tries to enter any other WBS element it should give a error message


you would need to create your own logic in an exit or BAdI.

As I said, there is no technical reference between such movements, it is just your assumption what belongs together, if your process is isolated and very straight forward then you may build a logic based on your assumptions. But if you have plenty cases in parallel then then a simple assumption may be wrong and can lead to incorrect error messages and block users from posting.


Thanks for your inputs...I am trying to create STO without delivery(UB)... it is showing in(VL10D)....GI document getting created automatically after PGI in delivery

2) Delivery Document type (NL) is getting determined in Purchase order shipping

can you please tell me where is the control

gi.png (18.5 kB)
ub.jpg (65.0 kB)

you don't remember which document type you used when you created the PO in ME21N?


i have used document type UB...didn't get what you are asking?


I misunderstood your question, thought you were asking how to control whether to use NB or UB

the customizing task Assign Delivery type & Checking rule has the link between your PO document type and the delivery.

go through this blog, it explains all settings:


Thanks for the answer & document...I am using intra company STO(SL to SL transfer) with UB document type...In My screen shot there is no link between delivery type and checking rule...but it is still asking to create delivery and showing in delivery due list