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Jul 01, 2007 at 11:42 AM

how to construct the custom table as per below


Dear Freinds,

i had same problem in my system when ever iam crateing a custom table or enhancing any infotype........thank your for giving me the soultion for this warning.

but i have one more question to you.

I have four fields in my custom table....first field is key field and second one is non key (text descritpion of first field) , third fields is key field and fourth is again

as text field non key..

Field Data element


ZZFAART FACHR (primary key)




now when we are enteing from SM30 ... my requirement as per functional is

i have to make zzfaart field as primary key......... i have made it since that is first field.

now he wants zzorgcode as also primary key......... as per the table condtion i cannot

give zzorgcode as primary key as all the key fields should be in order..........but the functional say he wants in third place only............he saying we can see so many place in confiugration's in spro....where

when we enter first field the second field (text ) will be automatically populated.......

(this point iam able to do....) and the third field will be primary key...

however iam not able to do is to make the zzorgcode as primary key he wants that tobe grated out as well once we enter the value and he wants it to make primary key so that no duplicates can be entered.

Please let me know how to do this point....