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Jul 01, 2007 at 10:13 AM

Oracle parallel_max_servers



I notice I cant seem to raise a call from SAP now as they have changed their web site so they send me to this SDN forum, oh well so much for paying a support license!.

I have the following problem:

On SAP R/3 46C system we use parallel process because our db is 4 TB+.

So for certain queries we have to force parallelism.

Now we have the following in our init.ora

parallel_max_servers integer 240

parallel_min_percent integer 0

parallel_min_servers integer 0

Now this means it will create parallel processes as it sees fit and then terminate the process when done because min setting is 0

However it has used up all 240 now and so I cant do anything in parallel because their are no free parallel processes.

The system is idle so I am assuming their is a bug in oracle where it doesnt free up the parallel processes

Eg lets find them all

SQL> !ps -ef | grep ora_p | wc -l


So I have 240 ora_p processes still hanging around, if I kill the process from unix level it still doesnt create a process, so the only option appears to be restart the database, which is a bit annoying.

Anyone any idea why this is happening?

Kind Rgds