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Jul 01, 2007 at 04:55 AM

Scripts - Multiple Sender Address in a WINDOW.


Hi Experts,

I need to print multiple sender address into a window ( > 1) which is placed on top left corner of a page. This window is of type VAR. The data for this sender address is coming from an internal table(say itab1).

If my itab1 has 2 entries and when i am looping this itab1 and calling this window it is printing only the last adrress twice.

I am using a main window to print the item level information which can span several pages. This item info is coming from another internal table(itab2) and is positioned at the lower half of the page.

when i tred to create an instance of MAIN window, the address is printed in the MAIN window also which is not desirable.

Please tell me how do i write the code for this?