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Jul 01, 2007 at 03:38 AM

Difficult question about ETL related data upload. Need help please!


Hello Y’all!

Hope all is well with you guys as you read this post. I seek help! My situations is as follows:

I uploaded data via ETL from Oracle via my DataSource (and PSA) to a DSO (by means of Transformation 1 into an infosource patterned after the DSO and Transformation 2 from infosource to DSO)….

I extract data (This becomes Request 1) from Oracle into the Datasource’s PSA via an infopackage. I upload the data in the PSA (Request 1) into my DSO by executing the DTP. Upon the activation of this Request 1 into the DSO, I then want to extract new data from Oracle. But I do not want to delete the Request 1 from my PSA….

So, I request data again via the same aforementioned infopackage. This time the new data is stored in the PSA as Request 2. I want to upload this Request 2 into my DSO by executing the same DTP. However, the older request in the PSA (Request 1) is always being uploaded into the DSO…

How do I make the DTP select the Newer (Request 2) data in the PSA and upload this “newer” data into the DSO? The constraint there is that I don’t want to delete Request 1.

Can any kind-soul / guru tell me how to pull this off? Is it even possible? What do I need to do?

Thank you very much!