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Jun 30, 2007 at 12:27 PM

Maintaining standard text History


i got one requirement............

Create a new data dictionary table; see point

Tabelle Z_STD_A1020_VS_HIST

Name Format KEY Datenelement Bezeichnung Englisch Description

MANDT CLNT, Länge 3 X MANDT Mandant Client

VLSCH C 7 X KTSCH Vorlagenschlüssel Standardtextkey

VERNR NUMC, Länge 5 X TDVERSION Versionsnummer Versionnumber

AEDAT DATS, Länge 8 X TDLDATE Änderungsdatum Change date

AETIM TIMS, Länge 6 X TDLTIME Änderungszeit Change time

AENAM C 7 TDLUSER Änderer User who changed the text

AETXT C 40 TXT40 Änderungstext Change text

Those standardtextkeys are maintained in SAP-Standard via Transaction CA10 and are stored in table T435t and if there is a longtext behind in the tables stxh/stxd like all standard texts.

But there is no change history and no possibility to create each time a new version of those texts.

So we will create a new transaction ZPMVORSL.

Selection fields are the standardtextkey + the short text (nearly like CA10 but here more than one entry should be possible)

And new the change date, taken out of the new table.

Then an ALV-List will be created with all the found entries out of table T435t/ or if there is an entry out of the new table.

4 action buttons should be on the list:

- View VS (by clicking this button, the user gets into the text monitor for the standard text)

- Edit VS (by clicking this button, the user will be able to change the text, call transaction CA10 without the first screen)

- History (by clicking this button, the user gets a list with all entries for this standardtextkey out of the new created table = all changes done to this one text)

- Print (by clicking this button a form will be printed)

Buttons on ALV-List:


The Browse (Text)-Monitor will be opened like in CA10, but not in change mode


The Browse (Text-) Monitor will be opened like in CA10, but in edit mode.

After the user did change something in this text monitor and clicks back a pop-up should appear asking “Do you want to create a new version?”.

If clicking yes, a new window should appear where the user has to fill in the 40-digit-long change text,(z_std_a1020_hist-aetxt) after pressing enter a new entry will be stored in the table with the changes under the next free versionnumber.

If clicking No, the current/selected text will be changed and the current date/time and user will be updated in the new table.

3) History

Read all entries in table z_std_a1020_hist for this standardtextkey

4) Print

For all marked Standardtextkeys a form will be printed on the printer stored under own user data (if no printer is filled in -> error message).

please help me how to proceed with this.........

thanks in adv.............