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Jun 30, 2007 at 11:13 AM

**VERIETY PROBLEM**internalView error


Hi friends,

I have a view "Search Results" which has the table. Unknownly some weeks back I created Actions for each and every columns of the table for table sorting. After that I come to know that No need to creating action for each and every column it will work with only table action SORT. So today I deleted all the column actions and events and also corresponding code from the view. Now I am getting the error with internal file... ie "" file. this file is under C:\Documents and Settings\pb41726\.dtc\0\DCs\\dspsubmitdisput\_comp\gen_wdp\packages\com\sap\nyt\wdp

when I checked the code of this, there is no full code for this. If you know "internalXXX" (XXX is the view name)will be created when you first time open the XXX view. and in this file there will be code for each and every action, even, ui element, mapping, binding and soo on.....

Now the problem is the code in the "internalSearchResult" is in complete.... its not generating code for ui elements.

What I need to do now???