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Jul 14, 2017 at 10:07 PM

Using IV_X_SAVE = ' ' in custom BUPA_* calls



I tried to call the function BUPA_BANKDETAIL_REMOVE with IV_X_SAVE = 'X' sometimes (but not always) in the same run with some BOL updates (a loop with many calls, COMMIT after each). I got error message saying that mixing SAVE values is not allowed. I debugged BOL updates and they use BUPA_ functions with IV_X_SAVE = ' '.

Now I would like to do the same in my manual FM call as in BOL, but don't know what to do after I call the BUPA_ func with IV_X_SAVE = ' ' to make the update happen. Shall I call some other function to make the update, or...?

Thanks in advance!