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Jun 29, 2007 at 09:11 PM

Roll up item lines in invoice Idoc sent via EDI


Invoice which we send out ...there are subline item numbers but contains the same material(batch split).....this is one of the types of invoice's generated from the deliveries to a customer I the knowledge I have(I am not writting in total).

so the rek is before I send this invoice to the customer via EDI I need to roll up the line items of same material ...where in the segments(E1EDP01) get reduced...

There are 2 options for doing this

1. write the ABAP code in the same user exit (enhancement - LVEDF001) function exit -002 which is called after each segment...

at the end of the last segment (e1eds01) when it is rebuild the structure of the idoc...(if this is the sol u find it let me know how are the child segments deleted of e1edp01 segment...I didn't understand how to code that).

2. to find a user exit which will be called before filling up the data in the that there would be just data manipulation of the internal table...which is easier to code....if anyone able to atleast tell me the user exit....its great!!

I have very less time.... I would have attached the sample inovice...but I cann't paste it over here.

Maximum points will be awarded If I get the solution nearest to it.