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Why do SCI does not scan all objects given in object set ?

Jul 14, 2017 at 03:06 PM


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I have issue with SCI while running it with Object set . I'm giving object set of 185 objects as shown in below pictures but when i run SCI with this objectSet and variant "Functional DB" and after finishing when i click on statistics button it shows only 27 objects scanned in total.

185 objects :

Click on statistics buttons and following is the screenshot:

In total 27 objects processed.

So am i doing something wrong or there is some setting to be done for scanning all objects.?



sci-obj-set.jpg (22.0 kB)
obj-processed.jpg (25.2 kB)
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1 Answer

Domi Bigl Jul 17, 2017 at 04:50 AM

You specified 185 values as selection criteria for program names and there are only 27 programs matching these names. So probably you also have include names or SAP programs within the value list, which are not scanned individually.

In the object set definition screen you can use the "Display Objects - Shift+F7" to check the selected programs (objects).

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Thanks Dominik.

I'm not able to find Object set definition screen you are talking about.

Can you please put screenshots and path on how to reach at this screen.

Thanks for help.





Open an executed inspection in Tx SCI, double click on the Object Set


confirm the warning and then use Shift-F7



Thanks Dominik.

I was able to find the objects the way given in screenshots.

Also i read the documentation of SCI and found if we use "Freely objects" tab in ObjectSet it will use TADIR or TRDIR table to cross verify objects and will cover not only PROG but also INCL.

So i guess correct answer is to use "Free objects" tab and put all your programs and includes under type PROG and then use objectSet. So that all of the objects are covered by SCI. What say ? Can you please check this from your end and cross-verify by using a scenario where you have both types PROG and INCL.

Thanks for your efforts.



If you only enter the names of the frame/main programs (all program types except "Include program"), SCI will scan automatically all its "INCLUDE" parts.

If you enter an INCLUDE name only in the object set, SAP will analyze the whole main program, not the INCLUDE only.

The counter only takes into account the number of main programs.