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Jun 29, 2007 at 06:07 PM

Data Source 2LIS_02_CGR



I am trying to extract data from R/3 using data source 2LIS_02_CGR (Allocation of Confirmation and Goods Receipt) for application component Purchasing. I tried to install all the necessary objects from business content. However it seems to be that an info object named 0CONF_LINE is not installing from business content properly. In the Transfer Rules I can see 'X' mark in red color.

The following error messages I have received while installing objects from business content.

1. Field CNFNR not delivered by source --> deleted from transfer rules

2. IO 0CONF_LINE not delivered by Transfer Rules --> deleted from Transfer structure.

Why the above error message keep appearing whenever I tried to install this info object? And how to delete this 'X' marked field from Transfer Rules and add another necessary object in the transfer rules?