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Former Member
Jun 29, 2007 at 04:33 PM

Error while resetting the delta in ODS (BI 7.0)


Hi all,

I face a problem in delta resetting...need your help... Thanks..

I have an ODS-1 which has target cube1, cube2, cube3....One week back a new target has been added as ODS-2....All complete data from ODS1 has been piped into ODS 2..(Note.. ODS2 has many more inputs from other cubes/ODS too)

NO issues till now....

I found a data problem in ODS-1 which got loaded 15 days back..... I have removed all 15 requests from cube1, cube2 and cube3... Now I am trying to reset the delta in ODS1...

I am getting the following error....Infoprovide ODS2 still contains request... Delete this first....

Since ODS2 has many other data alongwith ODS1... If I try deleting request from ODS2,, I need to clean it totally and redo... I dont want to do this...

Is there any way to disconnect this delta link between ODS1 - ODS2..... So that I will reload the data in ODS1 and populate into all targets...

Let me know your suggestions.... Thanks!