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Count values

Jul 14, 2017 at 12:25 PM


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Hi community,

I'ven't got some idea how to correct count values in my table.

Here below my example.

I've got merged column1 (merge by service name) and also got column2 column3

Column(Service Name) Column(Good) Column(Reject)

Test Service 5 6

So the number 6 in column Reject is based by request for all incidents in a period with Count function. The formula is =Count([Rject].[Request1])

By the way actually value y request more than 6. It's about 10. Count function only for original values possible. For me actually count non original values also. I've try to cange formula like =Count([Reject].[Request1];All) and also try to =Count([Reject].[Request1];All) In ([Reject].[Request1]) but unfortunantely the result is not 10.

So my question how to correct count my values with non-original also ?

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can you share sample data screenshot

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Thanks for your reply,

I've found simple workaround by add a new original column to universe table.

Then I've get values by this unique new column and the fix my formula with it.

So Count function is completely correct count values

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