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Jun 29, 2007 at 01:33 PM



hi all

we have some complex compensation plans which are based on 4 dimensional matrices,

for example

we have a bonus plan which is based on i.corporate performance unit performance(respective country) iii. personal performance iv. eligible earnings which are different for each employee

so the standard functionality does not support all these dimensions except for personal performance(appraisal)

i felt instead of going for addiitional development of BAdis for these dimensions, i thought we can instead create Z tables which will hold the values of the above mentioned dimensions and create one BADI for the guideline

in which writing the custom program to look the employee, find his org unit ratings,per performance, corp performance and his eligible earnings and default his bonus amount accordingly.

so the basic question is can we just create the BADI for the guideline and avoid all the other tables which the standard guideline looks into like T71ADM22, T71ADM33 ETC.

any opinion is welcome and awarded.