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Jun 29, 2007 at 12:44 PM

How to enter Enhancement Mode of ABAP OO Classes: Add Methods, Pre-Methods.



do you know how to enter the enhancement mode of the class builder?

I want to enhance a standard global ABAP OO class by implicit enhancements for inserting methods, attributes or pre- and post-methods - as described in Online" target="_blank">">Online help.

I start the SE24 on my NW 7.0, but there is no menu Edit-> Enhancement Operations-> Enhance Class/Interface as written in Online" target="_blank">">Online Help.

When I press the <i>Display</i> button, there is no enhancement button (the spiral), and the sub entries of menu <i>Edit-> Enhancement Operations</i>, like <i>Insert Pre-Method</i> are inactive (gray).

In SE80 I don't find them too. The only implicit enhancements I found are on the beginning and end of methods implementation code.

Do you have experience enhancing classes?

Best regards

Michael Umlauff