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Jun 29, 2007 at 12:10 PM




in the is_keyinfo field i m passing the i_keyinfo internal table, which has the following data: -

DATA: i_keyinfo TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF slis_keyinfo_alv,

wa_keyinfo type slis_keyinfo_alv.

wa_keyinfo-header01 = 'EBELN'.

wa_keyinfo-item01 = 'EBELN'.

wa_keyinfo-header02 = ' '.

wa_keyinfo-item02 = 'VBELN'.

wa_keyinfo-header03 = ' '.

wa_keyinfo-item03 = 'POSNR'.

wa_keyinfo-header04 = ' '.

wa_keyinfo-item04 = 'KWMENG'.

wa_keyinfo-header05 = ' '.

wa_keyinfo-item05 = 'PKWMENG'.

append wa_keyinfo to i_keyinfo.

where EBELN is the key in both the internal tables...

But I am getting a dump - "The function module interface allows you to specify only

fields of a particular type under "IS_KEYINFO".

The field "I_KEYINFO" specified here is a different

field type"

could any1 help me out on this....