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Former Member
Jun 29, 2007 at 11:46 AM

Header infor in ALV


I have copied FBL1N to ZFBL1N. Then I executed FBL1N by giving multiple vendors for Vendor Account and I executed the same. Output is like : Vendor Number, Company Code, Name and city as header info and then it is displaying Line item info as expected. For all Vendors it is displaying Vendor Header info and then Line Items.

But when I executed ZFBL1N by giving the same multiple vendors and the output is not same as FBL1N. Here Individual Header info is not displaying. just it is displaying ' * ' for Vendor no, Name and City and then Line items for all vendors.

But I need the output as Header info for individual vendors and then individual vendor Line Items as FBL1N output.

Can you guys please help me to solve this issue.