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Jun 29, 2007 at 11:04 AM

target is SOAP via SSL - messages with different client certificates


Hi guys!

I have created a scenario, which delivers messages to target system (SOAP) from source r/3 system. R/3 system sends to XI idoc for 6 companies and each should use its own client SSL certificate. How to solve it?

There is only one scenario with one SOAP receiver adapeter where you can define certificate. But how to send 1 specific cert with the message? Type of certificate is depndent on 1 field in the message..

Let's say: if the field xx1 is 'ddd', this is message like from ddd system and we have to use this client certificate for this company.

If the field xx1 is 'fff', we have to send other client certificate with the SOAP request...

Any ideas?

Thanx a lot!