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Jun 29, 2007 at 08:43 AM

interview Q&A


What is condition type ? what are the important fileds in condition type?

Why access sequence is required in a condition type?

What are the roles & responsibilities of SD consultant ?

Phases of implementation ? where the functional consultant involves in the project?

What is the Business scenario of your client?

What is MTO( Make-To-Order) and ATP(Available-To-Promise)?

When company wants to upgrade from SAP-R/3 4.6c to SAP-R/3 4.7EE? what could be the changes?

What are the configuration changes in billing document?

What is output determination?

What is functional specification? How its format will be?

Before go live who will do the testing?

How and who will give the enduser training ? and end user traing consists of?

Client wants to maintain certain price and discount for first 3 orders only and from the next order price is normal? Where can we do this configuration?

What are requisites for doing the collective delivery?

How the intercompany sales done?

What is the item category for third party sales ? explain the third party sales process?

What is BOM?Explain?

can anyone please answers these questions in detail.

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