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Jun 29, 2007 at 08:41 AM

asynchronous reserveFinally failed


We have implemented an NWDI (NW2004s SP10) server, the problem we experience is caused due to an old test configuration in the begin of the project. The default trace is full of the following errors:

asynchronous reserveFinally failed

I know where this error is comming from and how to solve it. The problem however is that the namereservation list shows four entries on the state FINALIZE_PENDING for a server 'http://FQDN:443'. And that is where our prolem lies... when you try to temporary add this URL to the nameserver list (on the URL https://FQDN/dtr/system-tools/administration/NameServerConfiguration) then you get the error message:

Name Server data is invalid. Error: Precondition invalid-name-reservation-data check failed.: CIM_ERR_FAILED: HTTP error: Invalid begin of response [expected: 'HTTP', found: '(']

So the problem is that it is pointing to an http URL on port 443 :S.....

Does anyone knows if it is possible to delete those namereservation entries? They are absolutely not necessary anymore but need to be removed since we are experiencing problems as long as these name reservations stay open...

Thanks in Advance,

Nico van der Linden