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Jun 29, 2007 at 08:32 AM

Problem with client validations



I have an application in which the user must enter the date and click on the button.Whenever they click on it first we have to do client side validations after that we have to move to the next page where we can display data regarding that particylar input date.Here I am facing a problem with the below code.

<htmlb:tray id = "t1"

title = "Sample Window"

design = "BORDERLESS"

isCollapsed = "false"

width = "75%" >


<htmlb:textView text = "Hello World!"

textColor = "RED"

design = "HEADER1"

align = "CENTER" />

<htmlb:inputField id = "date"

type = "DATE"

value = "<%=lv_date%>"

showHelp = "TRUE"

required = "true"

alignment = "CENTER"


<htmlb:button id = "mybutton"

text = "Press Me"

onClientClick = "javascript:checkInput();"

onClick = "myClickHandler" />


when I am writing these 2 events for the same button then I am not able to execute clientside validations but I can go to next view after clicking the button.When I took out onClick = "myClickHandler" then I can execute the clientside validations successfully.Please help me to do the both things when I click on the button.

Thank You.