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Jun 29, 2007 at 08:17 AM

Training and Event Workflows Issue


Hi HR Gurus / Workflow gurus,

I am working on Training and Event Management Workflows.

When I create a booking or pre-booking or cancellation, I am expecting one of the following workflows to trigger.

WS 01200147 Approve Employee Attendance Cancellation

WS 01200151 Approve Employee's Attendance Booking

WS 01200160 Approve Employee's Rebooking

But workflow WS 00400120 (Correspondence error handling) is triggered.

As per SAP documentation on Training and Event Management, Workflow WS 00400120 will be triggered for one of the following reason -

1. Lacking authorization

2. Missing parameters (Plan version, notification abbreviations and so on)

3. Missing forms

4. Form not allowed for user (user group)

5. Incorrect recipient

6. Missing address/name of output medium

I am having SAP_ALL authorization, Plan Version, notif abbr, forms are maintained. Email addresses for the managers / employees / HR administrators are maintained.

Event linkage entries are active for all above workflows.

Can somebody help me to resolve this?

Thanks and Regards