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Former Member
Jun 29, 2007 at 07:25 AM

Error in retrieving value from the inputfield.


Hi Experts,

There is this behaviour I saw in WD which was understood by me.

Let me explain it :

I am doing a comparison scenario where I compare 2 products in a grid format.

For this I have a table with a various types of variants.

In this grid I have a inputfield which takes an integer input and based on which there is an effect on other variant field of that product.

Now I am retriving the value of the input field in the modify view through

input.getValue(); parse this string to an Integer and then pass it to the model.

Here is the problem everything works fine when the user goes and changes the value for the firsttime but if he does the same thing without the input field loosing focus it throws a Numberformat exception this occurs because the string value retrived this time is an empty string which obviously can't be parsed.

Can anyone explain me the why is it behaving in this way?

Any help will be truly appriciated.

Best Regards & Thanks in Advance