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Jun 29, 2007 at 04:50 AM

1.Release 2.Control break Statements 3.SUM


Hi Folks,

Can anyone here please let me know about the below details:-

1.As we all know that a request will be released from Dev to Quality and Dev to Production.If a request is released once we can't use it again.In that case how a request which is released from Dev to Quality will again be relased from Dev to Production.

2.Please provide me a sample program which uses control break statements which depicts how to do total when a particular belnr or whatever changes.

3.This is regarding SUM.

loop at itab.

at end of belnr.



write:/ itab-kwert.

Will this SUM do the total of all the numeric fields or just take into consideration only currency and quantity fields.If possible let me know how this keywords SUM decides which field should be considered for sum.