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Jun 29, 2007 at 03:55 AM

Poll Interval (sec) JDBC Sender Adapter - Help Please ?


Hi Friends ,

I haev configurd tthe JDBC Sender Adapter using poll Intervals setting as follows .

<b> Poll Intervals (Sec) 3600

Pol Interval ( msec )

Retry Intervals (Sec)

Query SQL Statement select * from TABLE


As per the above settings ,<b> assume database connection available for whole day</b> , The JDBC Sender has to run<b> once in hour right ?</b>

But it is behaviour is not like what i defined . It is running nicely for 6 hours [ Once in hour] after that it stops and after 10 hours it starting . Like in evening time it stops ?

In advaned mode i have setted the Transaction level as Repeatable-read .

Do i need to use the option

<b> Disconnect from the database After processing each message ?</b>

<b> Please i want to get the result as

If i set poll ionmtervals as 3600 . the moment i have activated that adapter , It has to run once in hour .</b>