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Jun 29, 2007 at 12:10 AM

Regarding Booking ,Billing and Backlog report



I am trying to excute the BBB report through Bex in BW.

<b>Descripition</b>: I have created 1 report called Booking,Billig and Backlog report

Main problem ;Intercompany Invoices are not showing as billings


a) Sales Order 300007887 created in US01 Sales Org. Delivery is out of a Canadian Plant.

b) Intercompany Billing 900024929 that Canada created to Bill the US is not showing as billings for the Canadian Company Code.

US Company code is 0801 and canada company code is 0870.

I have created sales orders and intercompany billings as kefigures .

And i have taken Charcterstic company code as 'Filter'

Salesorders for US (0801) intercompany billing for canada(0870)

When i excute the query with US Company code (0801) it will show report with all sales orders.

But with canda companycode (0870) it will not show the iniernal billings

Could you please give the soloution abt this.