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Jun 28, 2007 at 07:50 PM

Change Table layout from Row perspective to a Columnar perspective


I have a request from our users to change the layout from a Row type display to a columnar type display. The column may contain values of different types like floating point, character, dates, strings etc. Examples are shown below. My first thought was to use MS Office Integration with Excel. Using Excel to display the values and use ABAP when processing needs to take place.

Can the values of the Excel spreadsheet be loaded, retrieved and manipulated using methods in the view? High level process below.


1. load a blank excel spreadsheet into the view

2. read an SAP table

3. load values read from the SAP table to the blank spreadsheet.

4. manipulate the data

5. save data in the spreadsheet back to sap table


Are there other ways to switch from a row type layout to a columnar type layout that I'm not familar with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Example # 1 - Current State

Deal Deal Cost Sales # of Gross

Name Type of Sales Price Units Profit


Deal 1 Everyday $6 $8 10 $20

Deal 2 Feature $6 $7.50 20 $30

Deal 3 Discount $6 $7 50 $50



Example # 2 - Desired State

Deal Name Deal 1 Deal 2 Deal 3

Deal Type Everyday Feature Discount

cost of Sales $6 $6 $6

Sales Price $8 $7.50 $7

  1. of Units 10 20 50

Gross Profit $20 $30 $50