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How could i get/define the ship-to-party's different for Main item & Sub-item in case of BOM......?

Sir, we have maintained/defined the different Ship-To-Party's while configuration, for an specific Account Group. The problem is, we have an regular sales orders where the different -different materials being shipped to various locations.

In case of BOM material, if we are delivering the Main item (X), along with sub-items (A, B, C,D, E), then the Main Item(X) should be delivered to Ship-to-Party(ABC) parallely the sub-items(A,B, C, D, E) should be delivered to Ship-to-Party(XYZ)..... there shouldn't be any manual intervention at Partner Functions tab(either at Header/Item Level), automatically the concept of different Ship-to-Party's should be into the picture/existence, the movement we enter the Main Item at Order Level.

Example: Item Category Group (LUMF)

Main Item(X) Item Category (TAP)

Sub-Items(A,B,C,D,E) Item Category(TAN)

Sub-Items are relevant for Pricing.

Please can anyone suggest your valuable advice.

Thanking You all.

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2 Answers

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    Jul 17, 2017 at 11:44 AM

    It looks like you are confusing the term "Sales order bill of material"

    See the docu to know what it is:

    "You use an order BOM if you want to change the bill of material for a material, to meet the requirements of a single sales order."

    Main material and sub-items are not independent of each other. Usually you only physically ship the main item, while the sub-items define how the main item has to be assembled.

    If the customer assembles it himself and you want ship the components only, then you actually have no physical main item to be shipped.

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    • According to sap note 550073 - FAQ: SD Partner Determination I, answer 2:

      An item partner determination is not provided in the standard system.

      This means, that if this partner determination occurred in your system, it was done by custom code. Dig out the project documentation - it should be written somewhere what was developed and what additional configuration it depends on. If something was working a while ago and now it does not - the usual things to check are master data changes, customizing transports and developments done in the least several months. If there was some upgrade, you need to check whether this functionality was working afterwards in DEV.

      This is not something, that can be easily resolved by community members, who have no information about your system. Try asking for help locally from colleagues.

  • Jul 17, 2017 at 10:33 AM

    Can you explain in which Business, you have this weird requirement ? Nevertheless, you need to spell out based on what parameter, you will differentiate the Ship To at item level. If the Ship To is going to be different and same Ship To, in all the cases, then you need to have a zee table based on which, the required coding can be added in the user exit.

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    • Thanks for your Valuable feedback sir and sorry for late reply,

      Actually, we are in Security system (i.e., Confidential Documents, Legal..... of Central & State Government).

      I am fresher and presently in support.

      I think.. i may not able to express my query well, actually what i required. I try to enhance my analyzing skills.

      Once again Thanking you sir.