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Jun 28, 2007 at 06:48 PM

Logon Group Assigned Based On User ID?



I'm not sure this is possible and I've been combing through but I'm not sure I'm searching for the proper thing.

Let's say we have an R/3 system called RC1 which has 4 app servers. As part of this setup we have two logon groups defined, Group1 & Group2. Group1 consists of app servers 1 & 2 and Group2 consists of app server 3 & 4.

Currently, we distribute several different SAPLOGON.INI files around the organization. Based on who you are and where you work in the company, you might get INI file 1 which directs you Group1 when you try to logon or you might get INI file 2 which directs you to Group2 when you try to logon.

What I'd rather do, is distribute one common INI file to everyone. Then when you initiate a logon to RC1, it will automatically assign you to Group1 or Group2 based on your RC1 user ID and not on the logon group defined in the INI file.

Is this possible? If so, could someone kindly point me in the right direction?