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Jun 28, 2007 at 04:00 PM

Unable to Reverse PGI


Greetings all SD guru,

Need some urgent feedback on this.

Currently we found a problematic DO where picked qty > delivery qty. We are baffled how this can happen in the first place.

Looking at the doc flow, it was from a STO order. No WM involved. 2 picking request was issued for the DO ( usually there should only be 1 ) and PGI was done for 12 qty.

Since we found the issue on this DO and decided to cancel the DO, we tried to do a reversal PGI ( VL09 ) but unfortunately we were unable to do so. Message "No data available ... " was flagged even though in Doc Flow, there's a PGI document created. Even in the STO Po history, we can see that movement type 643 was performed for the DO.

Would appreciate some help on how to resolve this issue or any alternative workaround to resolve it. Our main objective is to cancel the DO.

Many thanks in advance.

Warmest Regards,