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Jun 28, 2007 at 03:15 PM

/sapapo/om02 - LiveCache Tracing for Optimization Run problems


We are doing IR (Inventory Replenishment) Optimization runs. They take up a significant portion of our processing.

We have been using internal parallelization (/sapapo/sdp_par) that creates dialog work processes (up to 99 of them - 2 digit field) that processes these concurrent 99 threads in Livecache. This part of the process is efficient.

The last phase of this process runs a isingle thread in LiveCache which runs for around 800 to 1000 seconds. I don't know what is being done during this phase.

I want to use the /sapapo/om02 transaction to diagnose what is running in this thread. The problem is, unlike ST05/SE30/ST01 and trace of these likes, they trace whatever you wish (SQL, RFC, Enqueue, Buffer, ABAP) in the work processes or userid's you wish to trace.

The /sapapo/om02 trace has TRACE and CHECK levels for a multitude of groups, like API, BASIS, SCHEDULER, PEGGING, etc.

I want to figure out what is running in that LC thread for a given user, but am unclear (due to no documentation on how to effectively run this transaction) to determine why this process is taking this long.

Is there a document I simply cannot find in SDN or OSS out there that someone can share? Has anybody had experience running these traces to diagnose livecache issues?

Please advise.