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Jun 28, 2007 at 02:35 PM

SAVE OUT to overwrite UserExit


Hi Experts,

I am using a user exit (Move field to VBKD in MV45AFZZ) to default a field (lets say ZTERM) in table VBKD in Sales Order, which overwrites what is determined from Master data.

Because of this the user cannot overwrite what is defaulted by user exit. This user exit works only in create mode VA01. This doesnÂ’t work in VA02 change mode. Therefore if user wants to change this field, they have to save order and then go in change mode and change this zterm. This may lead to errors as user may forget to change zterm.

Is there anyway to handle this. Say if the data was entered by user then do not overwrite. Or any other user exit that is called before the screen appears and not called after hitting save.


- Ron