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Former Member
Jun 28, 2007 at 12:37 PM

Web Dynpro application with 15+ Adaptive RFCs..... after 11 all RFCs fail.


I have developed a 7 page application that calls 15 or so RFCs (for field validation and population of Search-Helps). The wierd thing is that after the application has called 11 RFCs (all going through the same destination to the same backend system), all other subsequent RFCs will fail. I can re-order the RFCs completely and all RFCs after the 11 call will fail. Independently in separate applications all of the RFCs (15+) all function as expected.

The error message in Default Trace is simply:

Could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System: 'WD_MODELDATA_DEST' etc etc

It is as though there is maximum number of connections that can open between the application and the backend system via the JCO connection. Do I need to clean up the connections after each call? Or can I configure this maxiumum number of connections in the JCo configuration?

If anyone has had an similar experiences as this, please let me know. Much appreciated and points will be awarded for responses that tackle this specific issue.