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Former Member
Jun 28, 2007 at 11:02 AM

problem with checkboxes


Hi all,

I am using check box in my table. and writing the code in "ontoggle" method of the check box.

1) when I am selecting a checkbox in the 3 rd row of the table, in the next screen (where it should display in the first row ) its leaving first 2 rows empty and showing in the 3 rd row. same if i select 5 th row, its showing all 4 rows empty and showing in the 5th row. How to show rows from 1st row.... ( I am selecting multiple rows)

2) when I am selecting one row, after navigating to next screen if I go back and select another row, first displayed row is not refreshing. old values exist in the displayed table. how to refresh it.

3)If I select a check box and unselect it immediatly, still that row is displaying in the next screen. what to do if I want NOT to display if a check box selected and unselected without proceeding to next screen...

Please help me out by giving solutions to above 3 problems