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Jun 28, 2007 at 10:58 AM



Hello All,

I am using the FM - HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, Action is COP for our own IT 9984.

In the screen we have two radiobuttons both relarted to same group, let say rb_1 and rb_2 .

We already have a records in IT 9984 for begda - 01.06.2007 (with rb_1 = 'X') and we are doing the Action COP again for the same BEGDA - 01.06.2007 but due to some logic this time we will have rb_2 = 'X' (instead of rb_1 = 'X') but the structure which I am passing to FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION will have rb_1 is space and rb_2 = 'X'. Even then when I execute the FM in program then I am getting the above return Message . I think inside it's trying to put X for rb_2 but rb_1 is already X (for the existing record) so their is some clash going on.

How do we avoid this Error, I would like to set rb_1 as SPACE and rb_2 = 'X' which is already their in my structure which I am passing to FM, does any body come across such situations..

Please advice..

Thanks and have a nice day ahead.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,

Mangalagi S V