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Issue with periodic transfer related to data sources 0EC_PCA_3 and 0EC_PCA_4

Hi all,

we have used data source 0EC_PCA_1 solely for BW reporting.

As 0EC_PCA_1 only provides data from summary records, we wanted to enhance reporting by data sources 0EC_PCA_3 and 0EC_PCA_4 and corresponding standard advanced DSO's /IMO/D_PCA03 and /IMO/D_PCA04. We're running BW on HANA machine (NW 7.5), so on-the-fly cumulation of BALANCE (periods 0...n) during report execution would be our preferred scenario (as recommended by SAP using a HANA environment).

So far so good.

Now I learned from SAP documentation that data created by periodic transfer balance sheet accounts (ACTIV = PRC4) cannot be extracted from data source 0EC_PCA_3 - for this purpose 0EC_PCA_4 should be used.

As far as I understood these periodic transfers (conducted in ERP with t-code "1KEH") result in the data to be moved from table GLPCA to table GLPCT (and aggregated on certain characteristics) and the data is also deleted in GLPCA after this "move" in addition.

Now as we wanted to use the data source 0EC_PCA_3 with delta update logic, this data source wouldn't consider the deleted records.

So my conclusion is, that in the Advanced DSO "/IMO/D_PCA03" the old records (before periodic transfer is conducted) stay in the DSO also after periodic transfer & delta extraction to the DSO.

And in addition we have the data also available in Advanced DSO "/IMO/D_PCA04" when starting the other data source "/IMO/D_PCA04" afterwards.

So, when conducting the reporting on Composite Provider /IMO/V_PCA01 we would get "double data" in the reporting (the ones from the /IMO/D_PCA03 on line item level, which should have been deleted, but delta extraction mode doesn't support deletion and from /IMO/D_PCA04 due to the periodic transfer.

Is there any chance to deal with this scenario or maybe do I have overseen something?

Any help appreciated :-)


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