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Why Elements are not showing on Script (SAP Cloud Application Studio - 1705)

Jul 14, 2017 at 08:31 AM


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Hi There.

I have created an extended element as bellow

import AP.Common.GDT;
import AP.CRM.Global;

[Extension] businessobject AP.CRM.Global:CustomerQuote {
        // You must activate this business object before you can access the extension fields
        // or messages in script files, forms, and screens.
   	    node Item {
		[Label("Long Description")] 
            node ItemEntitledProduct {
       		node ServiceReferenceObject {

All works find and Activates without any issue. However this element is not showing under the script file (not even the standard ones).

Under Item.node Event-AfterModify.absl no element is available to code

import ABSL;

this.ZLongDesc = "-- Winter is Coming --";
var b = this.ID;

what am I missing ?

I can Activate the Extension but not with the event.

Than you all in advance.

elementissue.jpg (20.7 kB)
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Saurabh Kabra
Jul 14, 2017 at 04:33 PM


Please verify if "Mass" check box is unmarked while you generate script files.

Or else, Please use following code to access ID.




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Thanks Saurabah.

I can now access as you requested but:

Does this.GetFirst().ZLongDesc = "Thank you" will save the information into the element ?

If Yes, what else do I need to do for ZLongDesc be available at XML Data (OutputHistory) for Quotes ?

Thank you, I really appreciate your help.



Yes, You text will be saved into the element but to store the value for each element then you have to use FOREACH to access/update all the elements of BO collection.

Coming to your question about making this field available into the XML, Please create a "Process Extension Scenario" and choose the specific one and then field shoul be available in the XML.