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scheduling in process industry

Jul 14, 2017 at 03:57 AM


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Hello everyone..I need some help regarding scheduling in process does system calculates start date and end date? In operation details screen ,there is field called processing time,how does system calculates this? Our company uses backwards scheduling,scheduling based on setup and machine time.wat formula do I need to maintain so that setup time increases proportionately with order quantity..

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Yasmin Alayyan
Jul 14, 2017 at 08:50 PM

Hi Venkatesan,

There are two different steps: planning and scheduling. In the planning step the order is created, times are calculated, operations are assigned, source is selected... In the scheduling step: start and end dates are adjusted to the best time according to your settings and methods, capacity is taken into account and so on.

In SCM APO we call Source Explosion the planning step where the system: defines order explosion date, checks which components are valid in that date, determines the capacity requirements and the mode duration.


Just to your reference, this is the order schema:

Order -> Operation -> Activity -> Mode -> Capacity requirement

The PP/DS planned order needs to have at least 1 operation. The operations can have 1 or more activities (setup, produce and so on). The activity can have several alternative modes, but it uses only one mode. The Modes set the used resources and determines the duration of the activity. The Capacity Requirement of a mode describes how much of the productive time and the capacity of a resource is required to process the activity.

Mode duration formula:

Duration (Fixed) + ( Duration (Variable) * order quantity ) / order base quantity

Capacity requirement formula:

Consumption (Fixed) + ( Consumption (Variable) * order quantity )


All these data are imported from ECC and can be checked on PDS (/SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU) or PPM (/SAPAPO/SCC3).



The Duration and Consumption values are calculated from your your routing or recipe (ECC), please check below SAP Helps:


I recommend to talk to your SAP Consultant in order to understand all these details that influences order's planning and scheduling.

Best Regards,


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Thanks a lot yasmin for detailed answer!!!My problem is solved:-)