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Jun 28, 2007 at 04:15 AM

Generic Delta with time stamp


Hi Experts,

I'm just curious to know how this Generic Delta with Time Stamp works.

a] Please clarify me how the records will come to RSA7 in Generic Delta.? As in LO we have Control job where we used to schedule this so that the records wil move to RSA7. As far as my knowledge is concerned we dont have that type option with the Generic Delta. In that case how the records will come and sit in RSA7..? Is it like as soon as the record gets posted then wil it immediately appear in RSA7.? or

b] when ever Info package gets trigerred then only the Delta wil come into piccture.?

c] Please clarify me as I'm working on the Generic Extractors for the first time with the time stamp method. So please tell me how this wil work.?

d] And is there any table to store the values of the Generic Delta Time stamps.?

e] If a delta fails which is from Generic Extractor which is running on Time stamp based. is there any special things needs to be taken care for taking the repeat delta.? other than the standard method.?

Please clarify me with the Answers...

Points will be awarded.