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Jun 28, 2007 at 01:15 AM

Moving Average price, Std price and FIFO


Hi folks,

It seems our client wants to use FIFO valuation for its items rather than Moving Average because FIFO gives them an actual price for their Finished Goods (the client does not have any manufacturing).

I beleive the question the client wants answered is: <b>Can they can use the FIFO valuation within COPA-AB (account based) instead of costing based</b>.

The client manager seems extremely sure that this can be done in COPA. Can it be done? If so, how would we go about it? My understanding is that COPA only captures the cost with the revenue. It captures the cost the moment you ship a product.

I think CO-PC handles this, however I think you need PP implemented as well and the client is not implementing PP at this time. I could also be totally wrong about all of this.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Unfortunately I cannot upload an example of what I mean.

Appreciate any thoughts on this.