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Jun 27, 2007 at 08:38 PM

Adobe Form Crashes in Callable Object


Hi All,

I'm experiencing a strange error. I created a Web Dynpro GP Interface CO and consumed a web dynpro application i created with NWDS. When I click test in the GP design time for that CO the adobe form used to show fine. Afterwards I added some code in a action in the view controller to show a Confirmation dialog box if a certain condition occurs. When I redeployed and updated the CO with the new application and ran the test, the application just freezes. In fact the whole Portal freezes. The only way I can get out is to hit ctrlaltdel and end the internet task from task manager! So I removed the Confirmation dialog box code and redeployed, but i got exactly the same issue. Now if I open the interactive form in NWDS and try to navigate away from it to another tab say for example the View Controller tab, then I get the "Internal Error: A SWT error has occured. It is recommended to exit the workbench. Subsequent errors may happen and terminate the workbench without warning."

Also, my standard UI elements for Interactive Forms has disappeared. How do I get those back? All the tabs like Standard, Web Dynpro Native, Web Dynpro ActiveX, have all disappeared!

Anyone have any ideas?