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Jun 27, 2007 at 08:02 PM

Error: Navigate back to the same iView with Portal Absolute Navigation?


Hi, SDN Fellows.

When I tried to do a portal absolute navigation from and to the same iView, the iView before an infinite loop that keep navigating by itself (the iView keep refreshing by itself non-stop).

Here is the code that I used:

My current URL, said: ROLES://portal_content/RoleA/WorksetA/PageA,

then I called this method to navigate to itself:


To make sure I have the right method, I changed the URL Target to, said: ROLES://portal_content/RoleA/WorksetA/PageB, then the navigation become fine and did navigate to PageB.

Do any of you know what can be the problem?

My optimal goal is to refresh the whole Web Dynpro application, by navigate to itself again. I used to implement this by using WDP Exit Plug and URL Navigation, but this does not work in the portal environment. So, I am thinking to use the portal navigation to do the same thing.

Second question, do you have any other alternative way to refresh the whole Web Dynpro application without using Exit Plug?


My current EP version is NW04s SP6.

Thanks for advise.