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Jun 27, 2007 at 02:13 PM

Adding a New SAP server in the JDI Runtime System details


Dear All,

We were having a 3 system SAP CRM landscape. CRM Dev(CRD), CRM Q (CRQ) & CRM P (CRP). We have the JDI instance connected to the CRM dev system and all the 3 systems were configured as the run time systems in the JDI. In the track which we are using,in the Runtime systems tab, the Development system points to the JDI instace, the Consolidation system points to the CRD box, the test system points to the CRQ box and the production system points to the CRP box. (screen shot attached). So when the developer releases a request from the nwds instance, it first goes and sits in the development queue and then I import it to the Dev system then it goes and sits in the consolidation queue and I transport it which means the request has been imported to the Dev system & the tranport sequence continues til the request has been imported to the P system.

Now we have added a new tier for the Interegration testing called CRM IST viz CRI there by coming into 4 system landscape (CRD, CRQ, CRI, CRP). We now need to add this system in the JDI instance in the same track and configure it in the runtime system tab and link it to the CRI box. But the problem is we can define only 3 systems over there.

How do I define the 4the system? Do I have to create a new track? if so, what are the post activities which I need to follow up.

Please help me with this & will surely reward points if any thing informative.

Awaiting responses.


Warm Regards,