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Jun 27, 2007 at 09:59 AM

problems with model deploying


Dear SDN experts,

we are using Sap enterprise portal version 7.00 SP 12 and visual composer version 7.00 on service pack 12 on the same machine.

Usually, deploying different versions of the same vc model was no problem: Simply chose “save as…”, save the model to a new folder and each folder held an individual version of the deployed iViews.

Since some time, only the last deployed version is available in the portal. That is, even if I browse to the pcd-folder “model a” and chose “preview”, I get the last deployed version, which has been deployed to pcd-folder “model b”.

We figured out, that it has to do with the Identification of the iView. As soon as I give my model a new prefix in visual composer (Tools à Options –> Compiler), I can distinguish the two versions and run them

However, we don’t want to change the prefix every time we deploy a new version. And it used to work, before!!!

Who has a clue? Any hints?

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards, Eva