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Former Member
Jun 27, 2007 at 09:21 AM

Import .par file into NWDS and Rum it without deploying ?


Hello All,

I'm new to the NWDS and the Portal.

I've many Qns on my Requirement. Hope u guys can help me out in resolving my Issues.

Is this the right forum to place my Query ?

If not then please let me know the right forum .

My Requirement is like this :-

1. I need to create a Portal Application which calls an URL.
2. But before developing this, my Client gave me one 2 options :
     a. He gave me a par file and asked me to make  changes in it.
     b. Create a new Portal Project which calls the URL ( Predefined ).
3. I wanted to check the 1rst option i.e  " a ".
4. I tried to Import the .par file into NWDS like this :
* Windows --> Open Perspective --> Enterprise Portal .
* File --> Import --> Par FIle.
* I gave the name of the Project as PortalLogon.
5. I searched in the forum on this scenario and I found that the libraries for this project are not automatically imported.

<b>A .Can any one tell me how to import the libraries and which are all the libraries to be imported ?</b>

<b>B. How to test my PortalLogon Project without deploying ?</b>

Is it possible to test this Project without deploying ?

If yes can anyone tell me hoe to do this ?