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issue with temporal join temporal column attribute..


I created a temporal join with following tables:


                                             "CUST_NO" INTEGER,
                                             "PROD_CODE" INTEGER,
                                             "ORDERED_DATE" DATE,
                                             "QTY_ORDERED" INTEGER,
                                             "AMOUNT" DECIMAL(10,2));

INSERT INTO "KABIL"."ORDERS_DATA" VALUES(34578,91,611,'2014-06-14',25,570);
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."ORDERS_DATA" VALUES(34579,93,624,'2014-07-15',67,1000);
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."ORDERS_DATA" VALUES(34671,94,624,'2014-08-28',75,12000);
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."ORDERS_DATA" VALUES(34685,91,639,'2015-07-26',34,17000);


                                               "CUST_NAME" NVARCHAR(100),
                                               "SHIP_CITY" NVARCHAR(50),
                                               "SHIP_COUNTRY" NVARCHAR(50),
                                               "VALID_FROM" DATE,
                                               "VALID_TO" DATE);

INSERT INTO "KABIL"."CUSTOMERS_DATA" VALUES(91,'Max Video','HOUSTON','USA','1900-01-01','2014-12-31');
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."CUSTOMERS_DATA" VALUES(91,'Max Video','LOS ANGELES','USA','2015-01-01','9999-12-31');
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."CUSTOMERS_DATA" VALUES(92,'Sound Vision Corp','BANGALORE','INDIA','1900-01-01','9999-12-31');
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."CUSTOMERS_DATA" VALUES(93,'Practical Periphrals','SYDNEY','AUSTRALIA','1900-01-01','9999-12-31');
INSERT INTO "KABIL"."CUSTOMERS_DATA" VALUES(94,'Cash 4 Checks','PARIS','FRANCE','1900-01-01','9999-12-31');

And i create an Attribute View for Customers Data and select all the fields for output.

the attribute view name AT_CUST_TIME_DEPENDENT

finally i create an analytic view (AN_TEMPORAL_JOIN) and use the ORDERS_DATA table in data foundation section and AT_CUST_TIME_DEPENDENT attribute view in star join section.

i joined the table following conditions:

  • Join type is Inner.
  • Temporal Column: Ordered_date
  • From column: Valid_from
  • To column: Valid_to

when i activate this view its shows :

Message : Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Model inconsistency. Attribute ORDERED_DATE not found in analytic view.

What to do for this error?

And whenever i validate my join its shows : Table or View not found.

error.png (61.3 kB)
join-error.png (28.9 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Jul 17, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    Hi Kabil,

    In the attached screen shot of your issue, Ordered_Date is created as Measure. Could you please change it to Dimension and then activate the view. I have tried the same and its working fine for me.

    Please let us know whether it is working or not after modification.

    Thank You,


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  • Jul 17, 2017 at 10:33 AM


    not sure if you can try this - Instea of creating the attribute and analytic views, can you please change those to calculation views (as per best practices only CVs should be considered now) - try it and see if by having the different view type would solve the error.

    On another note, do you need to have the star join or can it simply be an inner join (from 2 sources) - join node from HANA?

    Finally, I assume, your tables/views were activated successfully and you can do a data preview on them?

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