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Jun 26, 2007 at 07:09 PM

Appraisal document not found via ECM



At my client we have ECC6.0 and we need appraisals as one of the dimensions to calculate to a new salary. However we I try to create a new process record with report PECM_CREATE_COMP_PRO i got the message "no valid appraisal document found" (Message no. HRHAP00_DOC_PA007). When I looked in the the debugger I saw that it is going wrong in the function module HRHAP_DOCUMENT_GET_LIST.

I don't now why the system is not finding an appraisal. I did the following customing:

- created a appraisal form, with one field, possible values 1,2,3,4,5 and released it.

- In ECM I linked a plan via a matrix to an appraisal form in table V_T71ADM20. I filled in:

dimension method: MBOA MBO Appraisal

Method parameter: VA50001114VC50001116 (name of the field in the form)

- I have an appraisal document with status "completed" for the test-personnel number in the system

I tested the functionallity with the old appraisals too, and then everything is going fine. So it has to do with the new MBO Appraisal method.

Has anyone an idea what might be wrong?