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Jun 26, 2007 at 05:14 PM

Complete Item in SOCO.


Can someone explain what the best practice is concerning a purchaser marking an item in the SOCO transaction as complete? Here is what I understand...

1) The purchaser selects the complete item icon when the item cannot be ordered due to missing information.

2) An automated email is sent to the requester informing them that the item could not be ordered. This message can be modified in transaction SE61, general text BBP_SOCO_APP_ITEM_COMPL_MAIL.

Questions I have...

Is it possible to change the subject of the automated email?

What happens once the requester has been notified? Are they supposed to go into check status and change the cart? If so, how do they order it, I only see a save button which does not resend the order to Sourcing department.

How do you get parameters to show up in the automated email? The standard delivered text has cart number and item as a parameter but neither is appearing on the automated email.

Best regards,

Shawn O.