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Jun 26, 2007 at 03:42 PM

Without using applets geting the output into a javascript variable



I'm not using executeCommand applets in my webpage,but with the url

i'm running the transaction. I'm passing the url to iframe as a <b>src</b> in the same page itself. like

<b>document.getElementById("<iframe>").src="http://localhost/Lighthammer/Runner?Transaction=<Transaction_Name>&<Input_params>=<value>&OutputParameter=*"</b>. It will take 10 seconds to execute the transaction and load into the iframe.

So I'm giving the


In the iframe i'm able to see the output as "<u>oktransaction executed</u>" in <u>xml format</u>.

But in the alert I'm not able to see the same content. <i>In the alert I'm able to see</i>

<u><iframe id="<id of iframe>" src="<Which i set in the script>"></iframe></u>

Help me to get the OutputParameter value into a javascript variable.