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Former Member
Jun 26, 2007 at 08:35 AM

SPOOL - how to display output list of more then 255 characters?



First of all, I would like to say hi to all of you here, as a new member :)!

I've just discovered this forum - I'm very new and let's say unexperienced in SAP, unlike you :)!

Didn't know where to put my subject (in what folder) so I apologize in advance if I'm mistaken... I work as an ABAP programmer in SAP Core and SAP IS-T and currently I'm worried about this problem:(!

We have these huge reports in IS-T that have to be run in background, because of lot of data. Most of reports are very wide and don't fit in those 255 characters that is SAP standard for spool display. Now I'm dealing with this RFC that has to provide spool display with 800 characters, and this has to be on production by tomorrow:)!!!!!

First I created new format type (ZX_65_800) in transaction SPAD and assigned it to my local printer. I thought this would be enough, but I was wrong. Because when I try to run my programe in background, the system doesn't offer me my format at all :(!

Is there anything else I must do in order to get it.... (I work in Release 620)

If anyone had the same problem, please contact me!